President Obama, The Race To The White House Is Not About Color

The Results of the Florida Presidential Straw Poll are as follows:

Herman Cain         –  37.1%                    

Rick Perry               –  15%

Mitt Romney           –  14%

Rick Santorum       –  10.4%

Ron Paul                 – 10.39%

Newt Gingrich         –  8.43%

Jon Huntsman        –  2.26%

Michele Bachman   – 1.5%

In a state that seemingly no longer trusts Washington, it once again voted for a businessman. In the Florida Straw Poll, Herman Cain wowed the electorate with his accomplishments in business and his vision for this country. Florida showed the country, once again, it no longer cares for politicians and given the chance it will vote for an political outsider. Florida Straw Poll voters also showed that color does not matter.

Governor Rick Scott was on hand to address the GOP Straw Poll Voters from each of the 67 counties in Florida. Scott, a successful self made businessman, who had never held a political office before being elected the Governor of Florida, told stories about his hardscrabble upbringing. He expressed the importance of the delegates being there and the importance of their activism and their vote.

In the roll call vote where each delegate’s vote was counted and announced, Florida decided it no longer cared about how long you served your state, or the experience you gained in being a political insider in Washington. It came down to your ability to be a success in business and the number of jobs you created. Herman Cain fit the bill.