Private Flyover Country

With weary heart I shall force myself to say a few words about the Canadian election (in which blackface did indeed beat two-face) later today.

Meanwhile, on Monday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tucker and I discussed the strange reluctance of even no-name presidential candidates to fly with the peasantry. Click below to watch:

To see the full hour with Tucker please click here.

If you prefer me in non-visual formats, as many do, please join me tomorrow, Wednesday, for more post-election ululations with the great John Oakley on Toronto’s Global News Radio 640 live at 5pm Eastern.

If you were waiting a couple of years to see if The Mark Steyn Club was in it for the long haul, well, we are, and we do welcome newcomers to our ranks. You can find more details about the Steyn Club here – and, if you sign up today, we’ll send you news of some special members-only events looming in the next few weeks.