Public Employee Unions Spending Your Money

Public employee unions have become the new privileged class. They collect better pay, have more generous benefits and have far more lush pensions than those who pay their salaries. Their interests are in direct opposition to those of the taxpayer. Public employee union dues and contributions to PAC’s come directly from taxpayers’ pockets.  If you are in a state with strong union ties you are paying to elect Democratic candidates.

AFSCME, The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees contributed $87,5000,000 entirely to Democrats and they are proud of it.

We’re spending big, and we’re damn happy about it, says union president Gerald McEntree to The Wall Street Journal. The union’s spending in the 2008 cycle was $400,000,000.

Public employee unions have collected big from the Obama administration. The February 2009 stimulus package contained $160 billion paid to the unions and how this money translated to currently cash strapped State governments is unclear. These parasitic situations i.e.  AFSCME and other public employee unions spend members dues, your money, without permission or disclosure to it’s members.