Race to the Bottom

On Wednesday evening I returned to America’s Number One cable show to consider the grand convergence of the obsessions of the age. As The Daily Mail reported:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been mocked for claiming that climate change is a product of racial injustice, as she relaunched her controversial Green New Deal…

Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn laughed at Ocasio-Cortez’s claim on Wednesday night.

Actually, I made my usual point – that nobody who matters in America is laughing:

Steyn said that although his reaction to those words “is to roll my eyes … nobody who matters rolls their eyes at AOC. They all take her seriously,” adding that even Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is afraid to contradict the congresswoman…

On the other hand, they’re laughing in Beijing:

“You know the people who really laugh at this? Chairman Xi [Jinping] and the Chinese politburo. Because they don’t have to bother thinking about all of this and it frees up all of their time to talk about something important and something true.”

Great-power decline is one thing. Woke self-immolation is entirely another. Click below to watch:

You can see the full hour of Tucker Carlson Tonight here.

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