Remember Dear Hillary; Corporations Are Us

hclintonAt her fine speech at the DNC accepting the nomination, Mrs. Clinton listed some things she would give away free to her fans if and when she wins. They were paid leaves and medical care of various kinds and free tuition and forgiveness of student debt for millions of college students and grads. Standard politicians’ bribes. Where would the money come from? Well, of course we all know it really will come from adding to the already impossible national debt. But Hillary said that she would also raise taxes on the super-rich (fine with me) and go after the wicked “corporations.”

Cheers, cheers, cheers from the crowd. They HATE corporations.

But again, what is a corporation and why do the Democrats hate them? It’s not a creature of monsters from hell. A corporation is a group of men and women who organize to design, produce, and distribute goods and services ranging from airplanes to eggs to underwear to hemorrhoid relief.

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