Right, said Fredo

On Wednesday I’ll be doing double-duty on TV – starting the day on one of my favorite shows, “Varney & Company” on Fox Business, at 11.30am Eastern/8.30am Pacific; and then . returning with another full hour of guest-host-level primetime TV on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.

On Tuesday, about ninety minutes before showtime, I got a call that Jesse Watters was stuck at an airport. So I hurriedly shampooed my hairpiece, and set off to guest-co-host – or, alternatively, co-guest-host – “The Five”, with Jedediah, Juan, Dana and Greg. Click below to watch the opening segment:

Later we turned our attention to Fredo Cuomo’s spirited exchange with one of his viewers:

We also talked Trump campaign donations:

We’ll link to any more video if it’s posted, but I believe you can see the full edition of “The Five” here.

If you’re a Mark Steyn Club member please feel free to add your thoughts below. Steyn Club member Kitty Bits was saying only this morning that she wanted to see me on “The Five” – and within seven hours her wish had come true!

On the other hand, if you’d rather bend my ear in person, then there’s a berth waiting for you on the third Mark Steyn Club Cruise.

I’ll be back on TV with the midnight rerun of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (that’s 9pm Pacific) – and for “Varney & Company” tomorrow morning. We had boffo ratings for “Tucker” on Monday night, and I thank all of you who tuned in.