Rubio Slams Crist Over Independent Senate Bid

Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio on Sunday slammed Florida Gov. Charlie Crist for bolting the GOP to run as an independent in his state’s Senate race, saying voters will never be able to hold him accountable. 


DSMW – It was obvious to us after covering Governor Crist press conference last week where he announced he would run as an Independent,  he will caucus as a Democrat. This comes several weeks after Crist vetoed an important bill in favor of merit pay and tenure for the powerful Florida teachers union.  In a national atmosphere of anti-union sentiment and failing school scores in Florida, Crist decided it was in the best interest of “Floridians” to pass the bill.  Amid grateful teachers, high school friends, county employees and an assortment of well-wishers Charlie spoke about his hard decision to leave the GOP, whats wrong with Washington, and Rubio being a product of the “hard right”.  Little time was spent on reining in government spending.