Rudy Giuliani’s Star Witness Hairdo Examined

During a testimony on Wednesday evening that sounded more like the debate scene from Clueless, Rudy Giuliani’s “extraordinary witness” at Michigan’s House Oversight Committee had an extraordinary hairdo.

Throughout Melissa Carone’s baffling sound-off about unproven voter fraud, many viewers questioned whether they were watching a surprise Saturday Night Live skit, or if Ms. Carone was an undercover actress planted by Sacha Baron Cohen. And while late night show hosts were focused on the content of her testimony —a strange soliloquy of slurring and interruptions — beauty enthusiasts were focused on something else: what exactly did she do to her hair?

When asked about the unique hairdo, Rob Scheppy, celebrity hair stylist famous for his work on the Kardashians, replied: “It defies logic, gravity, and the laws of fashion.”

Twitter users were equal-parts dismayed and flummoxed by the road-to-nowhere style. What looks like an ode to Kirsten Dunst’s infamous butterfly-clipped updo from her 1997 red carpet appearance at Wag the Dog, some simply called, “Space buns after too many drinks.”


Celebrity stylist Rob Scheppy could not remotely nail down what exactly occurred during Ms. Carone’s preening process, or why. “I have never seen anything like it.” Scheppy even questioned whether the bouffant was a wig or artificial extensions, “Is it even hair?”

From the front, the 90s-esque hairstyle appeared to be bobby-pinned down to the left, creating an illusion of heightened bangs and volume, while the right side ballooned out into its own, large, messy bun. A tendril from the messy bun looped through the sectioned-off bangs, creating a finger-trap-of-hair. Many layers on the sides are unaccounted for, while the back pieces come together into what resembles the nest of a rage-strewn blue jay. There is strong visual evidence that suggests the heavy-handed use of a teasing comb and a bevy of bobby pins – presumably ones with a mega grip.

This is not the first time that hair has been the topic on everyone’s lips after a hearing with Rudy Giuliani. Last month, President Trump’s attorney had a newsworthy run-off of his own. During a press conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters, Giuliani’s hair dye appeared to drip down both sides of his face after an apparent touch-up job. Most hair experts believe it was mascara concealing some unkempt grays, an old-school beauty hack women would use on their roots in-between hair appointments.

While the mechanics of Melissa Carone’s hair remain a quantum mystery, many commenters online quoted Mean Girls when coming up with what they felt was the most plausible explanation of why Ms. Carone’s hair was so big: “It’s full of secrets”.

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