Secession = Failure

All this talk of seceeding has created a linguistical problem, as well as the obvious logistical political problem. Basically the armchair secessionists should no longer consider them Conservatives. At the very least, they should adopt a moniker theat better fits their cause and perspective.

This country was founded to be, and then later fought to be rejoined, a union. The noble patriots that so profoundly sacrificed more than we can imagine or would, today, do ourselves, did not give up because they someone else was in office. Friends turned political enemies, Jefferson and Adams, may have despised the others Presidency, but did neither packed it in. Why not? Because sucession is retreat. Sucession is taking all your toys back home. Sucession is FAILURE.

As a Conservative and as an American, I do not want to align myself with people whose belief in their own values is so tenuous that they would fold in the face of adversity.