Should Pat Robertson Start Making Death Threats?

DSMW has become a fixated lately with Muslim extremism. We are cognisant of the fact that may appear racist. Notice, we said racist, not culturally insensitive. Our views on Islamic states are not based on race at all. Who cares what color your skin is? Who cares what the name of your God is or how you pray to him? We don’t. Most Americans do not either.

There are some, however, that do care. They feel that God cares very deeply and that evil, truly, lurks among us. That any tragedy, natural disaster or human atrocity is God’s punishment for our sinful ways.

Yet still, these Americans, our televised clerics, do not issue fatwas or edicts calling for murder or assassination. They just scare the hell out of people and then put up an 800 number soliciting donations to pay for their empires.

Things would be a lot more interesting if someone like Pat Robertson would take an active roll combating his Jihadist counterparts.