SNL Weekend Update: Really?!

Saturday Night Live was so bad for so long that we still forget to watch. Glad we Tivoed Betty White’s show. Please NBC, keep it up.

From Weekend Update:

SethReally, what’s going on with technology in general? On Thursday, the DOW fell a thousand points because someone entered a billion instead of a million! How is that possible? How is there not a back up system? When I delete a picture on Facebook it asks me if I’m sure. Why is Facebook more squared away than the DOW? I mean, really!

AmyAnd really! One guy can do a billion dollar transaction, and a manager doesn’t have to approve it. If I try to pay with a fifty at Starbucks, it turns into a four-man operation! They have to call corporate headquarters! I mean, really!

The truth starts around the 2:00 mark