States Rights Here At Last

The federal government isn’t simply bleeding money. Because of its addiction to red ink, it’s bleeding power, which is starting to flow away from the nation’s capital and out to the states. This is the little-recognized reality behind the remarkable political upheaval being seen in state capitals.   Gerald F. Seib – WSJ

We would like to add to Mr. Seib’s commentary that states are acutely aware of the increasing danger of a government that is running counter to the desires of it’s citizens. Freedom and democracy are not lost overnight, but instead are eroded with a patchwork of regulations that come over time. In Mr. Obama’s case, this process has been put on the fast track with the help of the Democratic party and the SEIU.  

To Quote Alexander Tocqueville’s thoughts on a Sovereign’s (America) desire for regulation:

“So it is that every day it renders the employment of free will less useful and more rare, it confines the action of the will in a smaller space and little by little steals the very use of free will from each citizen.”

9/12 Taxpayer March on D.C.; just one of many tea partiers with a message.