Sue Rush Linebaugh? Really?

Perhaps it is because the liberal view of religion and Republicans is so reflexively negative that they see no practical difference between those who oppose higher taxes and those who would chop off a woman’s fingertips for wearing nail polish. Whatever the reason, liberals continue to do so freely because they know the civility police will never be coming for them. William McGurn, columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

I happened to be listening to Rush Linebaugh the now infamous day he spouted off about Sandra Fluke. I must say, as a women, I considered Rush’s comments highly entertaining and good radio. 

If Ms. Fluke finds if appropriate to take to a nation platform to discuss her need and others at Georgetown Law School for contraception to be paid by by taxpayer money she should not be so thin skinned. As the taxpayer that will ultimately be paying for Ms. Fluke and her friends contraception, I want to know the details and form my own conclusions much like Rush did. But this is not what it’s all about is it?

The Obama administration is low on ideas that will appeal to the national voter. The more the left stirs up superficial comments and take offense, the more time is chewed up until the election. Birth control and women’s rights are the only hot button quivers in Obama’s arsenal. It’s amusing to hear the likes of Bill Maher taking offense in Linebaugh’s remarks when his own show is liberally peppered with slurs, snide and sexist remarks about everyone. It’s patently absurd that Maher has his back up.

What the Democrats do not realize is the voters have made up their minds and have moved on. All the hubbub, the Flukes, the 99 Percenters, the Linebaugh lawsuits, unions and Acorn wont change the realty of the situation and that is the really important things we face as a country. The people who will show up at the polls this November won’t be concerned about the entertainment static or even really birth control. My fear, as a voting American, and I feel a can speak for other Americans, is we are loosing this great country to a uncontrolled sprawling government who is taking my rights and your Liberty away. That’s what this election is all about. Tell the left to stop wining. – DSMW