Swanee – Just a Gigolo

Before the month of December turns to Yuletide festivities, I thought I’d tip my hat, as 2019 slips away, to a rip-roaring song celebrating the centenary of its world premiere this autumn – the first big hit for a young New York song plugger called George Gershwin, and written not with his brother Ira but with one of the great characters of Tin Pan Alley Irving Caesar.

In this audio edition of our Song of the Week, we’ll hear, from the Steyn archive, yours truly in conversation with Irving Caesar about the events of one hundred years ago that led to “Swanee” sweeping the country. He was ninety years old when this interview was recorded in 1985, so we’ll also hear him tell the story of the unexpected hit he was enjoying that summer of the mid-Eighties – a revival of “Just a Gigolo” by the frontman of the heavy metal band Van Halen. Hey, how many other shows play both Al Jolson and David Lee Roth?

I confess that the peculiar enthusiasms of Justin Trudeau and the Virginia Democrat leadership have had me on something of a mammy-song kick of late, and if there were a satellite channel called Siriusly Mammy I’d pretty much be hooked on it non-stop. But man cannot live on mammy songs alone, hence my inclusion of the heavy metal guy. Is there such a genre as heavy mammy? Surely an idea whose time has come.

Click above to listen.

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