Sweet revenge: Former White House physician wins GOP primary race

Dr. Ronny Jackson won a Republican primary run-off race Tuesday night. If that name sounds familiar it is because he is a former White House physician who served at the White House from 2006 to 2018. He served as the president’s physician from 2013 to 2018. He is a retired United States Navy rear admiral. Now he lives in Texas’ 13th District and very likely headed to serving as a member of the House of Representatives in the seat now occupied by retiring Rep. Mac Thornberry.

Rep. Thornberry didn’t endorse Dr. Jackson. He endorsed agricultural lobbyist Josh Winegarner in the primary run-off. President Trump endorsed Jackson just days before the March primary. That endorsement likely took Jackson into the run-off race. Thornberry has been in office for 25 years. It set up a Trump versus GOP Establishment scenario. Jackson won that battle and Trump is pleased.

Trump nominated Jackson for Veterans Affairs secretary but that didn’t go anywhere because of the smear campaign launched by Democrats, led by Montana Democrat Senator Jon Tester. Jackson was accused of alcohol abuse and mishandling prescription drugs. He denied the allegations, resigned from his position, withdrew from the nomination, and moved back to Texas. It would be entirely understandable if he sees his near future in a seat in the House of Representatives as sweet revenge.

The endorsement from President Trump was a clear boost to his victory in the run-off. He received help from Trump’s re-election team, too. Trump’s endorsement record isn’t perfect but it still has juice.

In the runoff campaign, Jackson was aided by officials from the Trump re-election campaign, which dramatically boosted his once meager fundraising efforts. And they helped Jackson hire a professional Republican operative to run the doctor’s campaign.

Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh called the victory “a clear testament to the power and value of President Trump’s endorsement and support.”

And, just like that, the long knives come out. The media, hellbent to get Joe Biden elected president in November thanks to their absolute hatred of President Trump, is ready to take Jackson down again. This morning, Politico published a piece on Jackson’s appearance on Fox and Friends earlier in the morning. Jackson isn’t on board with the government telling everyone to wear a face mask so the piece highlighted the veer away from Governor Abbott’s plea for Texans to wear one, due to the recent spike in cases in some parts of the state.

“I think that wearing a mask is a personal choice, and I don’t particularly want my government telling me that I have to wear a mask. And so I think that’s a choice that I can make,” Jackson told “Fox & Friends.”

The remarks from Jackson, a retired Navy rear admiral who served as the personal doctor for Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, not only contradict the universal guidance of public health experts, but also undermine Texas Gov. Greg Abbott — who has mandated that most of his state’s residents wear a mask.

But Jackson argued Wednesday Americans should “look at your personal circumstances” and “look at your surroundings” to determine whether mask-wearing is “right for you.”

“I’m a firm believer that that’s, at this point, a personal choice,” he said. “And I encourage people, if they want to wear a mask, to wear a mask. But I don’t wear a mask all that often, to be honest with you.”

The rest of the piece in Politico then went on to trash Trump for his slowness to publicly wear a face mask because let’s face it, that was the real reason for the piece. It’s 2020 and this is what will continue until the presidential election in November. Trump will be blamed for everything, even a coronavirus pandemic from China. This election will revolve around voters’ perception of how Trump handles the coronavirus and the economic collapse the virus ushered in. Joe Biden has no new ideas coming from his basement but he’s not the bad Orange Man so he must be propped up by the media. Talk about an impending economic collapse – wait until voters get a good look at Biden’s embrace of the Green New Deal to destroy the American energy sector. Solyndra, anyone?

The choice remains clear in November. Stay the course with Trump to bring back the American economy and opportunities for American workers or go back to the bad old days of the Obama-Biden administration with a heavy dose of Marxism. If job loss due to excessive regulations, employment stagnation due to an exodus of manufacturing jobs to overseas locations, and government mandates to micromanage everyday life sounds good to you, Status Quo Joe is your guy. Biden is desperate for the support of the far left, which is why he is embracing AOC’s Green New Deal now after rejecting it in the primary race. The media is playing wingman for him by continuing to stress the false narrative that good old Joe is a moderate Democrat who can clean up after the chaos produced by President Trump.

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