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Georgina Sparks’ Son Just Appeared on the Gossip Girl Reboot and Fans Are Shook

Georgina Sparks is back...sort of. HBO Max's Gossip Girl surprised fans with its latest episode by bringing back a storyline from the OG series. As fans may recall, Georgina... ...

Jared Padalecki’s Texas Family Farmhouse Is Beyond Supernatural: Go Inside

They say everything is bigger in Texas--but when it comes to Jared Padalecki's home--he prefers a more cozy setting. The Supernatural alum, along with his wife Genevieve... ...

Legal powerhouse Fried, Frank signals faith in FiDi with lease renewal

One of the city’s most powerful law firms has reaffirmed its commitment to downtown Manhattan with the largest FiDi-area office deal since the start of the pandemic and the largest in the city this year. Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson  renewed its 400,000 square-foot lease for more than 10 years...