Tea Party Ain’t Got Squat

“These tea partiers, aren’t they wonderful, they are changing the conversation. Well, we got absolutely squat, except for the conversation.” Ellen Gilmore, leader of the LaGrange Tea Party Patriots in Georgia.

And so it goes. Tea party members, 9-12 DC attendees, and regular Americans concerned about the future of their country are saying what happened? After watching the debt ceiling crisis play out over the last several days, one would question the impact of personal beliefs and hard work. It’s not easy being an activist and it’s just as easy to become disillusioned.

Rome was not built in a day and the Washington establishment will not change overnight nor will the fire in the belly of all Americans who want change (real political change of smaller, responsible government from the top down). These Americans with passionate hopes, and this includes the silent majority, are not going away to drop off the sidelines. On the contrary, they are still there. Maybe they are too busy to attend 9/11 groups and wave flags. Possibly they find it too hard to get up and go to some function to hear a speaker on Veterans Day, but they will be at the voting booth in 2012.

Don’t forget this country has changed in a fundamental way by the citizens who showed up in DC for the 9/12 Taxpayer March and it goes far beyond the discussions and decisions made on the debt ceiling yesterday. Americans have looked at socialism through the eyes of this administration and decided it’s not what they want for the future of this country. – DSMW