The 2012 Faith and Freedom Coalition Rally GOP Convention

We first meet Ralph Reed in 1956 on the cover of Time magazine. He was everywhere. His story was truly Biblical in breath. Head of the Christian Coalition at 33 he forged and changed forever the impact of churchgoers on the political process. He singlehandedly was responsible for the Republicans to gain control of Congress and  put George W. Bush into the White House. 

To say he is charismatic and gracious is to put it mildly. We met him at a Tea Party Rally in north Tampa several years ago. Speaking to us then he was worried about a Republican’s ability to win this November.We have included that interview.

Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition meet yesterday at the historic Tampa Theater here in Tampa for the 2012 Republican Convention. The tone has changed from that Tea Party interview. We have included video of the featured speakers. Enjoy…