The American Left Has Won

289071-american-dream1The Democrats in the House of Representatives recently staged a theatrical sit-in ostensibly demanding that they, as an oppressed and victimized minority, be allowed to vote on additional gun control measures.  This childish attempt to mimic the demonstrations attendant to the union organization drives of the early 20th Century and the civil rights movement of 1960’s was produced by myopic fools who do not seem to understand that they have won.  They now control virtually all levers of power in the federal government, dominate one major political party and fully intimidate the other, and are successfully altering society as a whole.  They have defeated “the man.”

As long as there was a villain to condemn for all perceived and imagined evils and the bulk of the citizenry kept their nose to the grindstone thus fashioning the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the annals of mankind, the Left need never accept responsibility for their program failures as well as their inane actions and proposals.  However, thanks to the past eight years, what was once essentially “fun and games” for the Left has accelerated into reality.
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