The Cat Came Back

After a few hours out there, yesterday’s brief return from the grave by yours truly has been seen by over three-quarters of a million Twitter users. Given that I haven’t been on-screen for two months and telly is very much a present-tense medium, I’m pleasantly surprised there are that many people who remember who I am.

I’m especially touched by the kind words from Steyn Show regulars. Everybody’s favourite Hilversum milkmaid, Eva Vlaardingerbroek:

Look who’s back.

A far sweeter Leilani than Bing serenaded, the one and only Leilani Dowding:

I can’t wait. Mark will be back on The Mark Steyn Show very soon, I will join him along with many of his regular contributors..!! Amazing B’day news for me that THE man, THE anchor is back..!!

Happy birthday, Leilani! And let’s not forget my favourite Australian, Alexandra Marshall:

Alexandra, Eva and Leilani will not only be back on the Steyn Show, but shipmates aboard this year’s annual Mark Steyn Cruise, along with Mister Snerdley, Michele Bachmann and many more.

Thank you also to our stat man, Jamie Jenkins, for applying his actuarial analysis to my rotting husk:

Rumours @MarkSteynOnline had vanished in a French hospital have been quashed by the man himself.

He has escaped and statistically speaking I think he’s got many years left in him yet.

We have done our best on the Steyn Show not to be head-faked into limply falling in line with the trivia of the BBC/Sky/OffComm agenda like so many of the court eunuchs of the British media, but instead to shine a light on subjects whose lack of coverage ought to be a source of national shame – not just the victims of the “vaccines” I mentioned yesterday, but the victims of industrial-scale child gang-rape in towns up and down England. I was very moved to hear from the indomitable survivor of the hell of Telford, Samantha Smith:

He’s back and better than ever.

You can always count on Steyn to speak truth to power and shed light on the issues the mainstream media won’t touch. He is a force to be reckoned with.

Glad to have you back on the airwaves, you’ve been missed.

There are less viscerally shocking topics we have also covered – for example, the sell-out of the Union under cover of the appalling “Northern Ireland Protocol”. Our go-to gal for that is the fierce and principled Baroness Hoey:

Welcome back. You have been missed by @GBNEWS viewers and listeners.

Thank you, Kate. We will be back very soon.

Some issues never go away – such as Net Zero and the Great Reset. Fortunately, climate warrior Marc Morano is on the side of the angels:

Welcome back Mark! Thank God!

Back from the Dead – Mark Steyn declares ‘I’m not dead!” after recovery from 2 heart attacks!

No thanks to both the plaintiff and the judge in the Mann vs Steyn climate-change hockey-stick case, now in its second decade at the DC Superior Court. This month, Mr Mann added to the woes of my bum ticker by seizing the opportunities afforded by my brace of heart attacks to try to upgrade a minor rinky-dink civil suit into a capital offence. Even more disturbingly, the judge seemed minded to entertain the plaintiff’s homicidal instincts. They were beaten back only at great cost to my convalescence.

Thanks also to my GB News pals for their various Likes and ReTweets – not all of them, of course, because that’s showbiz, but I thank among others Mark White, Laurence Fox and the one and only Bev Turner, who says simply:


Oh, and the peerless Dewbs elle-même – Michelle Dewberry:

As he says – He’s not dead.

Rest well @MarkSteynOnline & back to full health soon…

And finally a word from one of Britain’s very best broadcasters, a mainstay of the Beeb for so many years and whom I first met two-thirds of a lifetime ago in the glory days of Capital Radio – the great Sue Cook:

Great news indeed.

Thank you, Sue. Immensely appreciated.

As my old chum Dillie Keane once remarked:

I’m young again
Re-strung again
I’m out of my old iron lung again
Bewitched, bothered and bewildered am I…

Stay tuned.

~For our American readers: I know some people get excited about who’s up two points in Iowa, but, before you over-invest in the red wave du jour, be mindful of what I wrote fourteen months before the midterms:

American conservatives need to recognize that there’s no point being ‘the greatest country in the history of countries’ if you have the crappiest election system in the history of election systems. The Dems seized on Covid to put in place rules that make victory – or ‘victory’ – all but certain. It would be asking an awful lot for them to forego the pleasure of it, in California – or, in 2022, nationwide.

And so it proved.

~Above all, I am very grateful to all our Steyn Club members around the world, from London, England to London, Ontario to London, Kiribati who’ve left their good wishes in the comments below yesterday’s video. We hope to welcome many more of you in the decades ahead. For more information on The Mark Steyn Club, see here – and don’t forget our special Gift Membership.

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