The Culture of Poverty Never Disappeared

The New York Times has a two page story on what most of us already know. There is a culture that is mired in entitlements and despair. Those who believe that the system owes them. People that perpetually get the short end of a stick that is handed to them by those who worked for the long end of that stick.

Stick metaphors aside, the have-nots tend to blame the haves for having.

“Culture is back on the poverty research agenda,” the introduction declares, acknowledging that it should never have been removed.” “Views of the cultural roots of poverty “play important roles in shaping how lawmakers choose to address poverty issues,”

It is a serious issue to consider. Do you blame the generations that have grown up with their hands out, or do you blame the system that created them?

The gist of the article is that there are no easy solutions. Uh… Gee… Thanks?