The Earl and the Girl

Welcome to Part Twenty-Eight of our latest audio adventure: The Prisoner of Windsor, my contemporary inversion of The Prisoner of Zenda.

CrossBorderGal, an enviable sobriquet if true at a time of global lockdown, complains of my cryptic promise that last night’s episode contained a Katy Perry reference:

Can someone help, please? What is the Katy Perry allusion that I missed? (Full disclosure: I had to Google her after Mark’s mention of said allusion.)

Well, Miss Perry is a big star from this millennium, CBG, and, as most of my pop culture references are at least ninety years old, I occasionally think I need to work harder at appealing to a younger demographic, such as the living. So, for the 192 million people who’ve watched this video, I threw in:

‘We’re two lovebirds on a date,’ she said. ‘We haven’t done this since your first election.’ In a Soho square, we stopped and kissed like young lovers, leaning against a tree. From a nearby bar, music drifted on the night air, and Wendy sang along: ‘I kissed an earl – I liked it,’ she trilled.

In tonight’s episode, Rudy Elphberg arrives at Windsor Castle for the Coronation Command Performance but senses that the net is tightening and the time for rescuing Rob Rassendyll is running out.

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