The Fox Slug Fest

Well, as one straw poll voter, I was ready to cast my vote for the best candidate, but now…

As Perry and Romney spent the night sparring (to put it mildly) the rest of the GOP candidates shined doing nothing. Michele Bachman got less time from Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and the other moderators and seemed grateful if not on point. Herman Cain and Ron Paul got the best response from the six thousand plus crowd.

Gary Johnson was wonderful and should consider a job on the late night circuit. He had a great quip about “the only shovel ready jobs were his neighbor’s dogs. This late in the debate the crowd was weary of the Romney – Perry back biting: pointless and uninspiring and loved Johnson’s humor. 

The state of Florida was ready for something. Having never attending a Presidency 5 our group was impressed with the sheer excitement and numbers of attendees and other straw poll voters, but the debate left the crowd who came decisive leaving wondering who to vote for. 

The guys in media were impressed with the Fox – Goggle digs but also felt the Perry – Romney fights were not good for the rank and file. – DSMW

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