The Geopolitics of Ice Cream

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I cannot believe it, but I have good news to share with you from Locked Up Land. Ontario moved into “Stage Three” of “re-opening” and while many of us are still seething with anger about the policies that have kept us imprisoned for almost a year and a half, completely messed up people’s mental health, and caused depression, economic wreckage, suicides and the abuse of our children in indescribable ways, it is hard not to feel genuinely happy about the moves toward normalcy, no matter what our despicable government calls it.

People are happier. There’s definitely something palpable in the air. Good vibes. There are places where people are unmasked indoors, dining inside and on patios, getting their hair done (OMG FINALLY MY TURN, by the time you read this my beloved Bev will Bring Back The Blonde to me), a return to the gym (Endorphins! How I missed you, sweet endorphins!) and more swims with my boy.

It has all moved ahead not a moment too soon. I personally was feeling exceptionally dark about the whole situation, and finding it hard to muster up any optimism about a return to normalcy. I felt pretty much like what is articulated here:

Every anti-lockdowner I know is emotionally exhausted by now. No matter the evidence, no matter the science, no matter the data, no matter the experience, nothing seems to stop the unrelenting march to social and economic hegemony by mysophobic control freaks.”

I was grieving for so much of what was taken from us.

I had quite a lot of time to think on the Sabbath, and Sunday as I fasted for the Tisha B’Av Jewish holiday. The Sabbath before Tisha B’Av is called Shabbat Chazon, because we read the commentary of the Vision of Isaiah (Yeshayahu in Hebrew). It is the darkest day of the Jewish calendar, which, according to the commentary I was reading, means that the rest of the year is for ascent. That in itself is a blessing. The commentary that really touched my heart was this:

“The same is true in every challenge or even tragedy, there is an opportunity. And if you train yourself to look for the opportunity, you will be able to take control of the situation and even turn it into a positive or if it can’t be turned into something good, at least something good could come out of it. You should ask yourself these questions. What does G-d want me to gain from this? What does G-d want me to learn from this? How can I use this for something positive?” (Adapted from Likutei Sichot, The Collected Writings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Volume 28)

Life has thrown me some very grave and painful challenges indeed, and the lockups made everything worse. But I had a good reminder of what life is meant to be, and those are very good questions, so I am duly resolved to keep fighting and seeking answers to the questions above.

Here’s the biggest news in my neck of the woods right now: It looks like Ontario’s hysterical TV doctors and the “Science Table” finally have been sufficiently publicly shamed and understand that the public is wholeheartedly turning against them. The jig is up. As independent Member of Provincial Parliament Randy Hillier quipped on Twitter, public opinion has changed, so the science has changed. They’ve finally been forced, as Mark often quotes Milton Friedman, not to do the right thing, but to stop doing the wrong, bloody evil and wicked things. And we must never, ever, ever let anyone do this to us, or our children ever again. (I’m still pissed, and have been since March 2020, and most of my assessments and predictions about this mess have been proven true.)

My ever so smartly dressed UnWokey Blokey in Bespokey boss, the Great Prophet Mark Steyn PBUH (Pocket squares Be Upon Him) was his usual mass content-producing, “effete foreigner who likes show tunes” self. To review, there was a new episode of The Mark Steyn Show, “Bastille Day for Non-Stormers“, an awesome live Clubland Q&A with the replay here, and “Over the Rainbow” as Song of the Week. Most touchingly, Mark penned a remembrance to Kurt Westergaard, who he rightly characterizes as “one of the bravest men of our time”.

Lastly, some completely depressing but accurate thoughts on The American Descent Into Madness from the great VDH, and a Twitter thread from a great writer and patriot Julie Kelly which I found heartbreaking.

Here’s to many better days, for each of us in our own small circles and for our civilization at large.

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North America:

This is terrible. Pity the children.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Los Angeles competes with San Franfeces for title of most disgusting, homeless-epidemic city in America.


“Kept From Keeping the Sabbath” in America.

Apparently, hawking your ice cream in Israel is a sufficient crime to be cancelled, even if you are whacko, social-justice, Bernie-supporting socialist kooks.

VDH nails it, as always in analyzing America and class: “The two parties are switching class constituents.”

In which the government admits to violating Americans’ rights.

Truly an excellent summary of the evil of the Chinese coronavirus, the panic surrounding it, and the Chinese communist mass civilian imprisonments (“lockdowns”) adopted so enthusiastically by Western countries. (Must read!)


Yes, you can call it murder.

Without free speech there is no freedom.


Israel and Jews:

The travesty of justice that America is ignoring finally gets some mainstream media attention. Many thanks to Meghan McCain for telling the story of the murder of Malki Roth, may Hashem avenge her murder. Also thanks to FOX News.

Natural immunity versus vaccination immunity – which is more effective?

What he says.

Rashida really, really really hates Jews. Interesting who is speaking up. MTG really continues to suck at antisemitism. Rashida’s soul is clearly poisoned by her Jew-hate. It’s a disgrace that she sits in Congress. That rotted soul will affect and permeate America in terrible ways. It will not work out well for America.


Communist Chinese Barbarians:

Recalling the inhumanity of Chinese concentration camps.


Humourless, Predatory Kook Left, Wokestapo and Trans:

What could possibly go wrong?

This could also go in “Today in Satan“.


Humanity Watch:

A reminder that the Germans started practicing mass murder by killing their own disabled children and other ‘imperfect’ humans and ‘undesirables’ before perfecting the industrialized mass murder of Jews.

“Should society be considering vaccinating children, subjecting them to any risk, not for the purpose of benefiting them but in order to protect adults? We believe the onus is on adults to protect themselves.”

Very nice from Bethany Mandel (and Mazel Tov on baby 5)!


Human Grace:

The Jewish American soldier who stood up to the Nazis and won.

The reunion.

I really feel the students took all my concerns to heart…”


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