The Mark Steyn Cruise Is Back!

SteynOnline turns twenty years old this month and we’re celebrating our birthday by getting back in the water!

Following our first two sell-out voyages in 2018 and 2019, we decided to make the Mark Steyn Cruise an annual event. And then came the Covid, which totaled our 2020 cruise and pretty much the entire travel industry. When the cruise biz returned, it was with very burdensome requirements on vaccination and the like which we didn’t feel (as you’ll know if you watch my GB News show) was entirely compatible with the Steyn brand. The cruise lines have now lifted those restrictions, and so we figure it’s safe to put a tentative toe back in the briny…

We might have picked an Alaskan or Caribbean or St Lawrence or Mexican cruise, but, alas, all those involve an American port, and in order to enter the United States our non-US cruisers would be required to demonstrate proof of vaccination status. So we decided to spread our wings and book a cruise in the Eastern Med instead. And thus the first ever Steyn Mediterranean cruise will leave Trieste on July 7th 2023 and sail aboard Holland America’s ms Oosterdam down the Dalmatian coast to Montenegro and Santorini, before returning to Trieste on July 14th. And no Covid tests or vaccine passports required.

Our Club has members all over the map – the Czech Republic, Thailand, Vanuatu – so there isn’t really any ideal itinerary other than a round-the-world voyage (which we’ll consider a year or three hence). But, after two North American cruises, we hope this venture further afield will attract not just old US and Canadian friends but many of our UK and European members, and perhaps even the somewhat smaller number of Steyn fans in the Middle East. We understand these are straitened times and that the number of potential cruisers is undoubtedly lower than it was three years ago, but we have never had any of our alumni ever suggest the Steyn Cruise is not great value for money, and we know that, after the years of lockdown, many cruise veterans miss the friends and the camaraderie of previous voyages.

I’ll be doing double-duty, hosting the cruise, and also hosting live editions of The Mark Steyn Show at sea, with old friends and special guests from around the globe – America, Canada, Australia, Britain and Europe:

~a doughty EIB comrade from my Rush guest-hosting days, James Golden aka Bo Snerdley;

~a favorite presidential candidate of recent cycles, Michele Bachmann;

~no relation but Canadian rock royalty, Tal Bachman;

~Mrs Thatcher’s former speechwriter, John O’Sullivan;

~a Steyn Show mainstay from Down Under, Alexandra Marshall;

~everyone’s Number One Hilversum milkmaid, Eva Vlaardingerbroek;

~and the man who sued Canada and won, Andrew Lawton.

We’ll address all the heavy geopolitical stuff but we’ll also kick loose in the evening with dinner, convivial receptions and some late-night laughs and music. And we’ll do a lot of the stuff we do at SteynOnline but live and on water, including Mediterranean-themed editions of Tales for Our Time, Steyn’s Sunday Poem, The Hundred Years Ago Show and my Song of the Week.

There’ll also be plenty of opportunity for relaxation and revelry and getting to know your fellow Steyn Cruisers and our special guests. And every day we’ll enjoy world class service from Holland America, exquisite dining, all the benefits of a flagship cruise ship, and the spectacular beauty of the Mediterranean and the few bits of the Continent its woeful political class hasn’t managed to wreck.

We’ve reserved the best cabins throughout the ship – and in all of the various categories so that you can make accommodation arrangements that suit you best. We’re excited to welcome you aboard for the long-postponed third annual Steyn at Sea cruise – but don’t leave it too long! (As with most travel bookings, the price is better the earlier you book.)

So picture yourself on Holland America’s lovely ms Oosterdam, along with your fellow Steyn Cruisers and my special guests, enjoying a week of shipboard fun as we ponder the collapse of western civilization. There’ll be:

*Live editions of The Mark Steyn Show, including your participation in our Clubland Q&As;
*Plenty of chances to meet, schmooze and hector me and my guests;
*Exclusive Club parties and dining with yours truly, our guest speakers, and your fellow Steyn Club cruisers;
*Exclusive cocktail receptions and Crow’s Nest concert parties;
*Accommodations and all meals included;
*Port charges, taxes, fuel surcharges, and government fees all included;
*Most shipboard activities included;
*A fully escorted cruise by Steyn Club staff and the best cruise organizers in the business;
*And a few surprises along the way…

If you’re one of those people who have always wanted to come on a cruise but have yet to take the, er, plunge, well, there’s never been a better time to stop procrastinating. You don’t have to be married, or even going steady: Nearly thirty per cent of our cruisers are single, so, if you fancy your chances with a Steyn Clubber as the moon hangs over Santorini and the sound of me doing Zorba’s Dance with Snerdley wafts up from below deck, give it a go. You’ll have the time of your life – from July 7th to 14th, aboard the ms Oosterdam.

For those jetting in to Trieste from far afield, Cindy, our cruise manager, can help with flight and hotel bookings: If you’d rather speak in person and you’re dialing from almost anywhere but Oz (ie, from the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America), it’s 001 (770) 952-1959; if you’re calling from North America, it’s 1-800-707-1634. Or you can email your query here. As veteran Steyn Cruisers know, Cindy is super-helpful.


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