The part of the Tyre Nichols story that they leave out

The five men who beat Nichols were essentially gang members in uniform. This is a failure of society at large.

“Policing unparented children en masse in these major cities has to be one of the most difficult jobs in all of the world,” continues Whitlock.

However, Nichols should not have been put in a position where he was essentially vulnerable to five gang members in police uniforms.

Whitlock attributes the rise of violent crime in black communities to the matriarchal, single mother family structures that are typical among that demographic.

“We need more families. Mamma and daddy together have to be law enforcement,” Whitlock states. “If that is not the case, you are going to have the kind of chaos we see in Memphis, and it doesn’t matter what color the cops are. It’s always going to spin out of control.”

The matriarchal structures that have become common place in the black community have emasculated the men in these situations. “This system is designed to obliterate the black man, and man in general,” says Whitlock.

When single-motherhood becomes commonplace, it destroys the male leadership roles in society and demoralizes the men who should be taking on those roles.

“All the leverage in a relationship has been thrown to one side: women. And black women have run wild with it,” says Whitlock. Some women have undermined man’s God-given authority over the earth and household, which throws the children into unrest.

“That’s what’s going on en masse in black communities, and it’s starting to sweep the rest of the country and other demographics,” Whitlock says. “And it’s all headed to you. We’re just the lab rats.”

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