The Race So Far

Over the weekend I woke up to find in my in-box the image at right with my name underneath. And my first woozy thought was that I must have transitioned and it had turned out surprisingly well. But then I wiped the sleep from my eyes and realized it was the peerless Lisa Boothe, guest-hosting for Tucker on Friday, introducing the Best of Steyn on the Democrat side of Campaign 2020. It’s a fun compilation, I hope you’ll agree. Click below to watch:

You can see the full hour with Lisa here. Tucker returns tonight!

If you prefer me in non-visual formats, please join me later today, Monday, for the latest episode of our brand new Tale for Our Time, The Prisoner of Windsor.

We had a busy weekend at SteynOnline starting with a somewhat somnolent edition of The Mark Steyn Show. Kathy Shaidle’s Saturday movie date was The Male Animal, and for our Sunday song selection I recalled someone who danced like Zizi Jeanmaire. My weekend summer special rounded up some of those lost to ChiCom-19, from a randy marquess to Yogi Bear’s girlfriend. Our marquee presentation was the above mentioned Tale for Our Time, a light summer diversion but not unrelated to the woes of the world in this most bizarre of years: You can find Episode One here, and Episode Two here.

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