The Real Scandal

The real scandal goes far beyond the case of Herman Cain and his accusers. The real scandal is that the law allows people to impose heavy costs on others at little or no cost to themselves. That is a perfect setting for legalized extortion.

The fact that neither judges nor juries always stick to the letter of the law means that people who have zero basis for a lawsuit, under the law as written, can still create enough uncertainty to extract money from people who cannot afford the risk of going to trial.

As for a $45,000 settlement, that is what an organization would pay to settle a nuisance lawsuit — if they are lucky. Thomas Sowell – Politico – Click To Read More…

Thomas Sowell is a Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow at
The Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, California. He has written numerous books on Economics, lectures and is considered the outstanding spokesperson not only on philosophy and economics but the leading statesman on U.S. commentary.