The Rush Is On

Just ahead of Episode Twelve of Burning Daylight, a reminder that on Friday I’ll be back in the anchor chair to guest-host America’s Number One cable show Tucker Carlson Tonight. It’s a full hour of indispensable news and commentary, so I hope you’ll want to dial us up – live across the United States at 8pm Eastern.

Thank you again for your kind comments about this latest and all our other Tales for Our Time. Over four years ago now, we launched this series of audio adventures on a whim, threw it together somewhat hastily, and learned on the job. So I’m enormously grateful for your appreciation of it. Jack London’s Burning Daylight is this season’s summer diversion – a grand rollicking tale with a title character full of swagger and life as he journeys from the Yukon in the Gold Rush to San Francisco in the Gilded Age. In tonight’s episode the rush is on:

With the arrival of the first stampeders, Bonanza Creek woke up, and thereupon began a long-distance race between unveracity and truth, wherein, lie no matter how fast, men were continually overtaken and passed by truth. When men who doubted Carmack’s report of two and a half to the pan, themselves panned two and a half, they lied and said that they were getting an ounce. And long ere the lie was fairly on its way, they were getting not one ounce but five ounces. This they claimed was ten ounces; but when they filled a pan of dirt to prove the lie, they washed out twelve ounces. And so it went. They continued valiantly to lie, but the truth continued to outrun them.

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