The Solitude Quotient

Greetings one and all and welcome to this week’s batch of Laura’s Links. Things here in southern Ontario continue to go in the direction of “normal,” albeit at a snail’s pace. The snow is starting to melt in some places and the sun was even out for a few hours today. But even as I see more faces and fewer masks, and bigger crowds on the subway and in stores, I have to tell you that everything still feels broken.

Three years ago to this very day, I remember being told to leave my office and head home and to stay there. And at that very moment, I knew something very, very dark was descending upon us. I wasn’t worried about the virus, I knew it was something else. The Evil Blob is still hovering around us – it never rests. Nothing is the same as it was, and as I’ve mentioned on previous occasions, I don’t know a single soul who didn’t suffer a tremendous and irreparable loss of something, of a someone, of a friendship or other important relationship, or indescribable damage to their own precious mental equilibrium and well-being.

Some people are still so very, very broken. And even someone like me, whose default setting was “social bee” and communicative by nature, is still finding it hard to exercise and regain the strength of my social muscle, seeking the “gains” to get it back somewhere – anywhere – close to where it was before. Being a writer helps in that I can express what I’m feeling, but writing is a solitary vocation and the actual act of getting your ideas out is particularly non-glamourous. It’s you and your brain, the ideas, the words and the page. The Covid years upped the solitude quotient by such an unnatural, inhumane and painful degree, that even those of us that want to spring back fully, can find it challenging. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Amazingly, last week after Shabbat, I turned on my phone and saw an e-mail from an acquaintance who just wanted to check in on me, and let me know that she and a few others from the particular organization that we are affiliated with missed me (I took a break from certain activities because I just don’t have the mental and emotional bandwidth lately for it all). I was so touched, I started tearing up. For most of my life, I’ve been the checking-in-on-you person, but for many reasons, I’ve kind of run out of gas. So it was the most amazing thing to see that someone in the universe (and not even a close friend) picked up on that and reached out to me, and it was literally this kind of thing. Be that person who reaches out. When I got that e-mail, it really did feel kind of angelic. We subsequently had a phone conversation and laughed our heads off and it felt so good. I’m so grateful to you, D.L.

I’ll leave you with a recommendation to listen to Mark’s full interview with James Delingpole, it was really wonderful, and my sincere prayer that spring, and the miraculous upcoming blessings of Passover and Easter will bring an abundant renewal of good things for our bodies and souls.


North (and Central) America:

This is heartbreaking: Dying Indignity (not for the faint of heart).

“Orthodox Rabbi debunks the Left’s claim that conservatives want to force Christian values down Americans’ throats.” Well done.

The antisemitic “guru” on Cori Bush’s payroll.

How American taxpayers are bankrolling anti-Netanyahu protests.

VDH: The price of eliminating consequences (must read).

The estrogenization of American universities.

Mr. C and I saw a real doozy the other day: fish lips, ski jump nose, fake nails, moister-than-an-oyster skin: the “Instagram face”. This article, oddly, made me feel good about my non-Instagram face looks. I wonder if others will experience the same.

What the actual f–k, America?

“Dear Conservatives, I’m Sorry”

Chilling. Whoa.


Walkbackening, Accounting and Reckoning:

The treason of the science journals.

They keep lying and lying and lying.

“My freedom of information request with the Ontario Ministry of Health reveals pages and pages of deaths being reported after the Covid-19 vaccines.

So wicked.

Another apology.


You should mask exactly how you did in 2017. Amen.



Jews and Israel:

Incredible human. Mazel Tov!

Middle Eastern protest porn.

Caroline Glick: “What the Rioting Left Fails to See”.

Holy shitzky this guy is the creepiest, anti-human Evil Blob WEF acolyte. Good grief. FEH!



The shameful story of Britain’s “backdoor” blasphemy laws.

The UK is screwed

When they tell you what they have planned for us: BELIEVE THEM.




Oh this is going to go over really, really well with all the DIVERSE migrants. Yup. Perfection. Nothing says integration like BEWBS.


Middle East:



Predatory Pedophile and Murderous Left Wing Kooks:

Hanoi Jane says the quiet part out loud.

Why are these radicals obsessed with talking about sex with infants?” That is the main question, but I think we all know the answers.


Human Grace:

Why do people wear ties?


The joy of babies.

In which a nun makes a Jewish fan for life.

Saving a life.




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