This Easter, the country needs President Trump to rise to the occasion, so that it can rise again

Dear Mr. President,

It was just a couple of weeks ago that you remarked how wonderful it would be if the country could begin its return to normal at Easter time. Then came the darker tone of additional weeks of quarantine extending through all of April, followed by record unemployment. Some now feel the country will never be the same again after only a month of uncertainty, fear and collapse.

But what if that’s not true? What if the country could actually be better because of what we’ve gone through? That sounds a lot like an Easter story to me, and here we are, knocking at its door, with Good Friday almost upon us.

From death, life. From destruction, abundance. From brokenness, hope.

For that to happen, though, there is simply no more time to put the country’s fate — and by extension your political future as president — in the hands of so-called experts who, at best, have failed you at several turns. And at worst, it is questionable whether some of those experts have had good intentions for the nation as a whole all along.

Many of them don’t seem to have any feeling for the lives of the flyover country Americans, who have now filled stadiums for years to see you whenever you come into town. You know, the folks who have actually been labeled “non-essential,” as if their paychecks go toward nothing more than redneck trifles instead of paying rent and putting food on the table.

Those people are far less scared of the virus than they are of a government that increasingly seems to exist in order to burden and betray them. Yet they saw something different in you. A gamble to be sure, but at least one where they feel they have a respected seat at the poker table just like everyone else.

For that belief to endure, our nation’s recovery must begin rising from the ashes right now, which means you must do your part to give the people their country back.

Just as General George Washington chose Christmas Day, 1776, to cross the Delaware River and earn a badly needed Revolutionary War victory after a series of stalemates or losses, you still have time to use this Easter as a pivot. It is vital that you remove ambiguity and paranoia from America’s consciousness about when, where and how this nation will get back to the business of greatness.

I know you believe we aren’t meant for this terrible limbo, because you have said as much on multiple occasions. Now, though, is a time for more than words. Daring and action must be trusted as the inevitable tools of those who want to put their stamp on history, instead of being choked into lifelessness by it.

Easter is a time for miracles. It is a time for setting things right against all odds. I humbly pray for you to have the strength to do what must be done to crush this panic, and call forth a future that starts with Amens and Hosannas today!

Enough of letting the coronavirus and its paralyzed minions steer the ship of state. Mr. President. Take hold of the power of the bully pulpit vested in you by the people of these United States, and this Easter call us as a nation to follow the powerful example set by the God our rights came from.

In a word: Rise.

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