TNC on ‘The Smallest Minority’

Our friends at The New Criterion review my new book, The Smallest Minority, here. An excerpt: “Witness the sociopolitical climate, current year. To please the masses has always been to wield power, but instead of the panem et circenses of Roman times, the mob now clamors for a new sort of alimentation: outrage. Shallow pretenses of classical liberalism soon give way to outright barbarism and enforced ideological conformity. The end result: ‘ochlocracy,’ or mob rule, a phenomenon that Williamson teases out in its many social, psychological, and ethical dimensions. Williamson is blistering and irreverent, stepping without doubt on more than a few toes—but, then again, that’s kind of the point.”

Many thanks.

The book is, right at the moment, the No. 2 book of political commentary on Amazon, behind Mark Levin’s latest, Unfreedom of the Press. That’s an improvement from yesterday, when it was No. 3 behind Unfreedom of the Press and . . . the Kindle version of Unfreedom of the Press. I’m always happy to see Mark in first place, but first and second place?

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