True Heart Of Islam Is Elsewhere


In Egypt in 2005 the Muslim Brotherhood took 20% of the parliamentary vote. Gamal al-Banna, Hassan’s younger brother and Brotherhood leader has stated now the Muslim brotherhood controls as much as 40% of the vote. Neither figure is a majority but represents the direction Egypt will ultimately take.

Unless Egypt can put forth a truly secular plan for serious political parties in the upcoming elections it will find it has been hijacked under the guise of democracy. Muslim Brotherhood leader Kamal al-Hilbawi told Iran’s Al-Alam TV earlier this month referring to Iran’s Mahmoud Almadinejad’s statement on the Holocaust and 9/11;

 “We think highly of a country . . . that confronts Western hegemony, and is scientifically and technologically advanced. Unfortunately, these characteristics can be found only in the Islamic Republic of Iran. I hope that Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia will be like that.

The United States thoughts on individual liberty and it’s wishes for muslim nation building are just that.  The true heart of Islam is elsewhere.