Victims of the Biden-Cartel Alliance

Programming note: Today Wednesday, I’ll be doing double duty on the telly – first, hosting Fox News Primetime for a full hour at 7pm Eastern; and after that sticking around for my regular midweek Tucker hit immediately afterwards. Hope you’ll tune in to one or the other or both.

On Tuesday’s Fox News Primetime, we began with my take on the dissolution of the southern border. Whether or not it’s a formal international treaty, what passes for the Government of the United States is now in full alliance with the human trafficking cartels:

“Under the laughably misnamed Department of Homeland Security there’s now an express check-in — Just get a human trafficker to throw you into the country,” he said, pointing to video of Mexican traffickers dropping toddlers off of a 14-foot section of border wall constructed under President Donald Trump.

“It’s time for your toddler to start crawling — through the desert,” he said.

Steyn said that for some reason, people on the left see a lax immgration system like the one being instituted as “compassionate.”

“[They] think the government being industrial-scale enablers of some of the most evil people on the planet is progressive and compassionate. It’s not,” he said.

“There is nothing kind about incentivizing human trafficking, which, by the way, is merely a synonym for slavery and the same people who want to tear down the statue if the guy’s family had a plantation 300 years ago are all cool with the global trade in human beings of the 21st century.”

“So, Joe Biden or whoever has got his hand waggling that moth-eaten sock-puppet is consciously enriching these cartels and ensuring that they can expand their operations including more fentanyl to kill Americans and some would-be jihadists now and then.”

Steyn said the U.S. is witnessing what is becoming a “lopsided business partnership between America and coyotes at a time of global pandemic — when almost every national border on the planet, including the northern U.S. Border is closed down.”

You can see my monologue in full (including heartbreaking footage of that poor boy at top right) here.

Deroy Murdock joined me to talk about the horrible, poisonous, unending Democrat “race card”. The pajama boys at Media Matters had the usual vapors about it, quoting me and Deroy at length yet, as usual, without being able to articulate their objections to what we said:

MARK STEYN (HOST): Let me just ask you something else on this, Deroy, while the race card is in the news 24/7 now. You’ve been following this stuff with these woke corporations and what’s going on in Georgia. I take it you have a picture ID, just to — just to get into the Fox News building every once in a while. Why are Black Americans not totally insulted by the racist argument that they uniquely are too stupid to acquire voter ID? I mentioned last night that in Botswana, in Mauritius, in Zambia, in Kenya, Black Africans manage to acquire — acquire the necessary ID to vote. Where do — where do the white Democrats get off making this racist argument that uniquely on the planet Black Americans are too stupid to get picture ID? Do you know anyone without picture ID?

DEROY MURDOCK (GUEST): I don’t. I mean, Black people drive cars, Black people get on airplanes. If you want to go to the — to the All-Star game in Denver and you want to fly Delta Airlines, you’re going to have to show photo ID to get on the plane. So maybe Delta can explain why that’s not racist but it is racist to expect people to show ID when they vote.

The logic of the Democrat position is that black Americans are morons – which has been their position back through Robert C Byrd’s poisonous turn-of-the-century racial contempt back two hundred years to the early nineteenth century. That’s the real, ongoing Jim Crow. And these desiccated pasty white trustiefundie Media Matters hacks are fully on board with it

My second monologue was about the fiscal logic (at least to governments) of the Permanent Emergency. Afterwards we revisited my Monday thoughts on the coppers busting up Easter services by talking to the pastor who faced them down and threw them out – Artur Pawlowski. Click below to watch:

The show concluded with the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, giving some advice re Joe Biden’s poor put-upon pooch – who’s been sinking his teeth into Secret Service agents and National Park officers:

As you might detect, we had a few logistical problems as the show concluded, so I thank especially Kat Timpf and my own ten-week-old puppy Mabel for pitching in to help. Mabel seemed to be the show’s main point of interest on Twitter.

Dana Loesch, Shannon Bream and Glenn Reynolds also joined me: We’ll link to that video if it’s posted. You can see more from Tuesday’s edition here.

Monday’s show beat out Joy Reid and Erin Burnett on MSNBC and CNN, and we were among the Top Ten in cable (just), which isn’t too shabby for a newish programme. If you were among the audience, I thank you.

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