Video: Did Tom DeLonge reveal a secret Pentagon telekinesis program in a radio interview?

Buckle up, campers, because this is a truly bizarre story. Of course, I don’t remember the last time I read a story about former Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge that didn’t wind up diving down one rabbit hole or another. This week, Tom did an interview with two DJs on radio station 91X in San Diego. He was promoting a new song that was just released by his current band, Angels and Airwaves. The hosts seemed thrilled to have him on as a guest and they clearly weren’t there to talk about DeLonge’s more “unique” work with To The Stars Academy, UFOs, aliens or any of the rest of the stuff that Tom’s regularly asked about these days. Instead, they kicked off the interview by asking him how he decided to release the single now and if he was trying to cheer people up during these dark times of the pandemic.

That’s when things got weird. Tom started off talking about how it was important for people to use the power of their minds to focus on positive things, which was a normal enough thing to say. But then he derailed the conversation by talking about how powerful human consciousness really is. As an example, he claimed to have secret government documents showing how the Pentagon was interested in some kid from China who could supposedly move things with his mind. He then went further, claiming that the Department of Defense established its own program where they found people who could replicate the experiment. The radio hosts just sat there looking more and more bewildered. (Silva Record, emphasis added)

Tom DeLonge: I was struck, kind of, by public consciousness because there’s a lot of studies that have been done, and a lot within the US government as well that I’m aware of, but that your mind… your mind over matter… that saying is very true… where they found, and I actually have a really amazing sensitive document that… and I’d always tell people about this, where they actually were…it was part of the UFO program at the Pentagon. They were following this kid in China that can move objects with his mind and he was like 10 years old.

Danielle: What?

Tom DeLonge: Yeah, so they repeated the experiment in the Department of Defense. And they put a piece of paper in a glass mason jar and they screwed the lid on it. With their mind they moved the paper through the lid of the jar six feet across the floor. And it says right there in the document with the letterhead and everything, on our defense (letterhead).

Here’s the video of the interview. You only have to watch roughly the first half to get all of the telekinesis chatter. After that, they finally get around to discussing his new song.

[embedded content]

But wait… there’s more.

DeLonge goes on to claim that he has another report detailing how “they healed like thirty mice with crazy terminal cancers, they healed all the mice with just energy healing in a lab.”

All I could picture while listening to this was the rest of the former government and intelligence agency individuals on the board at To The Stars Academy facepalming in unison, particularly Luis Elizondo. While he’s repeatedly stated that they have a lot more information on AATIP, UFOs and paranormal research conducted by the government that they can’t release, he’s been exceedingly careful not to put out anything that could violate his NDAs and get the Academy in trouble. And now, seemingly out of the blue and in the middle of what was supposed to be an interview about DeLonge’s band, he’s talking about top-secret government programs investigating telekinesis.

Of course, all of that depends on whether or not DeLonge was being accurate in his claims. First of all, could there be any truth to this? Don’t brush off the idea too quickly. We’ve known for a long time that the United States government – particularly the CIA – has had a running interest in psychic phenomenon and done research on related subjects. One such program was the basis for the 2009 movie The Men Who Stare at Goats, which was actually based on a true story. So the idea that the DoD might have been tinkering around with telekinesis or energy healing probably isn’t all that crazy. But if there’s documentation showing any of that actually worked, well… that would be something of a bombshell.

But what about the document(s) DeLonge claims to personally “have?” There’s a big difference between a government document you call “sensitive” and one that’s marked secret or top secret. If DeLonge actually has one of the latter types in his possession he almost undoubtedly received it from Elizondo or one of his associates. And if the document wasn’t declassified and cleared for release, I’m guessing that Luis’ phone is already ringing off the hook and some people will want to have a word with him.

But perhaps DeLonge was mistaken. Could it be that he doesn’t actually have such a document, but rather that he’s seen it? Or maybe just heard about it from one of his government sources? That would be far less problematic in legal terms, but interesting nonetheless. Assuming such documents exist, I doubt they’re part of the trove of information allegedly collected by Robert Bigelow’s aerospace group out at Skinwalker Ranch, particularly because Tom says that they are on Department of Defense letterhead.

As if it wasn’t already weird enough that two years ago the Blink 182 guy suddenly became the world’s go-to person for information on government UFO programs. Now we’re veering off into the realms of telekinesis and energy healing. We have truly lived to see interesting times, my friends. And I have a feeling the roller coaster ride only gets bumpier from here on out.

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