Video Killed the Radio Star

Public radio is popular.  Who can argue that wonderful shows like Nova,  American Masters, Frontline and formidable top notch venues brought to you by National Public Radio are listened to by everyone at some point in their travels and at home. The content and the format are really not the question. NPR because of this should be able to carry itself. DSMW is a big radio fan. We follow shows that have been carried on local and national affiliates for years. The same shows. If they are popular they remain if not they are replaced by other good shows.

NPR receives 10% of it’s funding directly form the government and another 6% from state and local governments. House Republicans voted last month to cut $86 million from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s $430 million appropriation for fiscal year 2011. That’s a lot of money. Jim DeMint introduced a bill last week to zero out federal funding  after fiscal year 2013. It has yet to pass the democrat controlled Senate. It’s not about political bias DeMint says;

It’s about two simple facts; we cant afford it and we don’t need it.