Wealth Is A Dirty Word In Obama’s America

You would think Stanford professor David Cheriton would be the Liberal poster child. He has the requisite beard. He rides his bike to work. Heck, you’d think that he probably carries around a picture of President Obama in his wallet. But looks can be deceiving.

While Cheriton may look the part of hippie academic, his TWO BILLION DOLLAR net worth puts him squarely in another world. The man who mentored Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and received a percentage of their company, sees tough times ahead for America.

He believes that there is:

“an almost hostile attitude towards people that have been succesful in this country and the people that are taking the risks…”


How long can The Left and this president continue to ignore that very people that used to give their base gravitas? If the “egghead academics” turn against them, who will be left to reelect Obama in 2012? The public sector….? Oh wait….

All of this is deliciously ironic considering that Obama deftly used the internet to raise his staggering war chest for the 2008 election. Maybe, by 2012 the internet may realize that it had been used.