We’re All Gonna Die!

On Friday I had the privilege of guest-hosting America’s Number Two cable show “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. We ran the gamut from Cory Booker polling at 1.7 per cent in Iowa to the return of the Plague – yes, that Plague – to wipe out Cory’s 1.7 per cent and everything else.

First up was massive Black Friday clearances on surplus Democrat presidential candidates. Radio colossus Howie Carr joined me. Click below to watch:

Ned Ryun followed with some thoughts on former Democrat presidential candidate Martin O’Malley going semi-postal against Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cucinelli – we’ll link to that as soon as it’s posted.

As is traditional in Christendom, the Yuletide season in London and the Hague began with murder and stabbings:

Buck Sexton was in studio (we’ll post that later), and then Derek Maltz with some thoughts on a welcome initiative by the Trump Administration – the designation of Mexico’s powerful drug cartels as terrorist organizations:

Next up was a beloved Thanksgiving ritual – the annual Macy’s parade of the world’s worst lip-syncers:

Tired of filthy disease-ridden Democrat-run cities? Forget about municipal government; get a conservative activist to clean them up:

And we closed out the week with one of my favorite segments – Dr Marc Siegel on the return of the Plague (as in the Black Death) to China, and whether it’s headed your way:

Thanks to all who tuned in: We very much appreciate it. You can watch the full edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” here – and I’ll be back with Tucker on Monday.

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