What President Obama needs to do tonight

The theme of President Barack Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address is “Winning the Future” – but make no mistake, winning in 2012 is a big part of the speech too.

The days leading up to the speech have seen a major staff shake-up in the White House, a reorientation of the West Wing after two years of politically damaging legislative warfare. The personnel moves aren’t unrelated to the speech – they embody the course correction Obama will try to capture tonight as he turns away from Congress as an arena for action to focus outward on jobs and while spinning his success in December’s lame duck session into a larger rationale for bipartisan compromise in 2011 and, most of all, his own reelection.  Glen Thrush Politico – Read The Full Story…

There is nothing short of a personal epiphany for Obama that would make us believe anything he promises. This president and his party will stoop at nothing including the public pain and suffering of others, not to mention the death of a nine year old girl, to secure their grasp on power. Like a train wreck you have to watch, we will watch along with millions of other Americans and reaffirm that our decision two years ago to speak-out in Washington was not a mistake. – DSMW