What We Have Here Is A Failure To Lead

President Bush caught hell, and deservedly so, for not being visible and engaged after Hurricane Katrina. President Obama has made the same exact mistake. He’s talked to the press, but the man has not stepped up and lead. The mainstream media, once his closet ally, has now begun to call him out on it. So, too, has the man President Bush put in charge of New Orleans after the worst natural disaster to hit this country, General Russell Honore:

“The government should immediately freeze BP’s assets and start to charge the corporation — say $100 million — each day the oil flows. The money could be held in a fund that U.S. government draws on to take care of the people along the Gulf Coast and pay the states for doing the cleanup.

Didn’t Obama and his supporters sell him as a decisive leader? A man that was sophisticated and would make correct decisions based on reason, not cronyism. What action has he taken during this disaster? Who is running the show and left to solve the problem? The very oil company that caused it. Isn’t this something the press would have had a field day with if Bush was still in office?