Kellie Cable

I’m sitting here trying to think of something to write about.  It shouldn’t be a problem.  After all, turn on the TV or radio and listen to what’s going on in the world.  It’s not as if there’s a shortage of trouble.  But that’s just it.  There are so many problems that it’s hard to even know where to begin.  The thought of it is so overwhelming to me that I really just want to crawl on my couch with my dog, eat a bowl of ice cream and stare at the TV and get lost in that wonderful fantasyland. 

Oh, how I long for the days when I didn’t care about deficits, czars, socialist presidents or a congress that’s made itself completely irrelevant.  I wish I could be like the majority of my friends and neighbors who are still asleep and think I’ve lost my mind when I bring these things up in conversation. 

Frankly, most people don’t want to discuss the constitutionality of a law that’s been passed or an executive order that’s been issued by the president.  They don’t want to think about the fact that our dollar could actually become worthless.  They don’t want to hear about the murders committed on our borders or the violent attacks taking place in fast food restaurants for no good reason.  No, they don’t want to hear about any of the bad things happening to us. 

As my friend told me as we ate lunch, “I’d rather just watch Dancing with the Stars.”  Who wouldn’t?  It’s a great show.  But the people that want to destroy us are counting on us to be curled up on our couches, eating ice cream and watching TV, still sleeping.  I, for one, am awake now.  Are you?