Who is the Real Nut Here

I awakened to read two super depressing articles in my beloved Wall Street Journal. The first was about a clique within Facebook trying to censor Donald Trump because he supposedly was racist and “Islamophobic.” Terrifying that what is basically a common carrier can discriminate against Republicans. This is in no way at all different from making blacks sit in the back of the bus. It’s so un-American you can hardly find words for it. Just a betrayal of the Constitution when free speech by the candidate of any major party can be restrained by an ignorant sect within the media. I have the feeling that this is the way things are going.

Today’s young have no idea of how precious free speech is. They want “safe spaces,” which means “safe” from anyone who disagrees with them. They want to stop anyone who has an unconventional thought from speaking. This is book burning, modern style. Modern, super ignorant style. And, again, what is “Islamophobia”? Shouldn’t we be afraid of radical Islam? Is that irrational, as my pal Judah Friedman asks?

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