Who’s ready for Hillary Clinton’s new book… a political thriller?

Here’s a little comic relief. Hillary Clinton and her long-time friend Canadian author Louise Penny are writing a book together. It’s being described as an international political thriller and the storyline sounds very familiar. In fact, the book sounds as though it is a not-so-thinly veiled recollection of Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

The book is titled “State of Terror”. As reported in Axios, a fictional secretary of state works for a former rival’s administration and must unravel a deadly conspiracy theory. Here is a synopsis:

A novice Secretary of State joins the administration of her rival, a president inaugurated after four years of American leadership that shrank from the world stage. A series of terrorist attacks throws the global order into disarray, and the Secretary is tasked with assembling a team to unravel the deadly conspiracy, a scheme carefully designed to take advantage of an American government dangerously out of touch and out of power in the places where it counts the most.

Did your eyes roll to the back of your head? Mine sure did. Hillary Clinton couldn’t unravel a conspiracy theory if her life depended on it. Hillary invents conspiracy theories. She’s a pro at that. Remember that interview on the TODAY show when she instructed the press to investigate a “vast right-wing conspiracy” against her husband and the Monica Lewinsky allegations? How about when a real terrorist attack happened in Libya and an ambassador and other Americans were killed on her watch? She had Susan Rice go on all the Sunday political shows and blame some poor schlub and his videos for that.

Republicans and conservatives are always at the heart of Hillary’s conspiracy theories so I look forward to seeing how she weaves the story. But, let’s face it, she won’t be writing the story. That job will go to her writer friend. Ms. Penny is an award-winning mystery novelist, according to her bio. Hillary will likely tell her stories from her time in the Obama administration and then the professional writer will do the work.

“Writing a thriller with Louise is a dream come true,” the former secretary of state said in a statement, “I’ve relished every one of her books and characters as well as her friendship.”

“Now we’re joining our experiences to explore the complex world of high stakes diplomacy and treachery. All is not as it first appears.”

The pinnacle of Hillary’s political career was her role as secretary of state. The glaring truth about those years is that she was spectacularly unaccomplished. The most notable accomplishment, if you will, from that time is that she racked up a record amount of air travel, more than any previous secretary had produced. Yet, there was nothing to show for it. She was traveling for the sake of travel. She began with the embarrassing “reset” with Russia and the big plastic red button and went on to completely botch the attack on Americans in Libya. It was nothing but downhill from there. She is so self-centered and needy for attention that she may not even realize she should be just moving on with her life instead of drawing attention to that time. Well, she hasn’t figured that out after running twice for president and failing, once not even getting the party’s nomination. She should have taken a seat instead of dogging Trump for four years. I shouldn’t be surprised she now wants to highlight her role as secretary of state.

Hillary is gonna Hillary so she’ll be getting lots of exposure for the novel. I hope she allows her friend to get some credit. The late-night television jokes write themselves. The book is due out in October.

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