Why Is Joe Klein Taking Liberties?

In a recent blog post on Time.com, Joe Kelin chastized Bill Kristol and others for the “cynical desecration of traditional conservative principles” by wanting to selectively amend the Constitution for certain citizens.  He takes Kristol’s words:

“The free exercise of religion and respect for private property are not a promising agenda for progressives”

and ascribes them to the entire conservative movement. Not only is he guilty of the same over simplification of which he accuses Kristol and kind, but he is allowing himself to be blinded by a noble ideal that clouds the common sense with which the Constitution was written and on which this nation was founded.

Life. Liberty. Two words, that on their own, have many meanings and denote a myriad of ideas. Together, however, these two words are instantly recognizable and have infinitely more import that “We the people”. While this country was founded by those seeking religious freedom, it was not founded to promote religion. Pray how and to whom you want to pray, we don’t (and shouldn’t) care. It’s all good. That was the point of the First Amendment. As long as your worship is YOUR worship, do what you do. Life. Liberty.

But Religion and Liberty have never seen eye to eye. Liberty is that young upstart that threw off it’s shackles; running free, doing what it felt. Religion always worried that without it’s watchful eye, Liberty would destroy everything, including Religion. Yin and Yang.

Modern faiths have had to evolve with western society in order to survive. In the West, liberty, has proven more popular than the restrictions of the older, now less popular, tenants of their respective faiths. Western religion now is an anchor rather than the iron fist of centuries past.

Islam on the other hand has seemingly evolved little, except where there are vast reserves of oil and natural gas. For all the moderate clean shaven academic muslims that appear in western media, espousing the virtues of Islam, explaining how it is peaceful and has been hijacked by this or that regime, not one has pointed to an Islamic ruled country that is a beacon of anything. They do not talk of happy free people. People that are free to worship, dress or express themselves. All we hear is that Islam is misunderstood.

Is Islam misunderstood when Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says something innocuous like:

“Although music is halal, promoting and teaching it is not compatible with the highest values of the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic.”

What did Ahmadinejad really mean when he said Israel should be “wiped off the map“?

Was Judge Saoud bin Suleimanal-Youss playing devil’s advocate when he asked doctors if they could paralyse a man as punishment?

Lest we forget about Afganistan

The latest incident, this one at a high school, is the ninth such case involving the poisoning of schoolgirls

The list is as long as it repulsive. Islam is the antithesis of Liberty. It is unmistakeable. It is uncontrevertable. Now the big question. How long do we blind ourselves? If Islam were to to be a dominant force in the West, or in this country, progress and freedom would vanish.

Mr. Klein, you can make the argument that Islam is not wrong, backwards and dangerous. That those of us that are fearful of it are ignorant and less sophisticated. You sir, are at liberty to think and say what you like.