Wine cave hangover: Warren supporter trolls Buttigieg during rally in NH

The wine cave fundraiser is coming back to haunt Pete Buttigieg. In New Hampshire on Friday, a former summer fellow for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign participated in a singalong with a group of others. Unfortunately for Mayor Pete, it happened during his campaign rally in Concord. That’s right – singing protesters.

I suppose that singing is more pleasant than screaming obscenities or rude statements while disrupting a candidate’s political rally. Buttigieg was looking out into the crowd and sees right in the middle of them (and what looks like upfront toward the stage) signs reading “Pete takes money from fossil fuel billionaires”. He begins to address the protesters by saying, “I see some inaccurate information going on up here.” Saying he wanted to “take care of it real quick,” he thinks that telling the crowd that he signed the fossil fuels pledge will sway the protesters. He should have known better than that. While his supporters clap, the protesters burst into song.

Here’s the fossil fuels pledge:

“I pledge not to take contributions over $200 from oil, gas, and coal industry executives, lobbyists, and PACs and instead prioritize the health of our families, climate, and democracy over fossil fuel industry profits.”

Buttigieg tries again to divert attention from the sign-holding, singing protesters. He thanks them for coming and says he can’t quite understand what they are singing. He tries a message of party unity. He asks if they are all willing to come together to solve the problems facing our nation. He asks if Democrats will turn on one another or unite. Apparently Buttigieg doesn’t realize that we have already entered the turning on one another phase of the Democrat primary. That ship sailed during the Democrat debate where Elizabeth Warren tried to skewer Buttigieg for the high-dollar fundraiser in the wine cave. Like most things with Warren, though, that attack backfired when Warren’s own pricey fundraisers were brought to light, some involving wine.

It turns out that a summer fellow for Warren’s campaign, Allison Frisella, posted a tweet claiming credit for the disruption. She pointed out that 37 people participated and names various organizations that were included.

I guess responses on Twitter came quickly because right away she was separating herself from Warren’s current campaign. She said she wasn’t protesting on behalf of the campaign, that the protesters supported various candidates.

Buttigieg supporters countered with campaign contributions Warren has received. We all know how this game goes, right? Some responses to her tweet questioned which other campaigns the groups would be interrupting. Some said the protest had Warren written all over it.

Now there is a pinned tweet at the top of her Twitter feed in which she describes herself as a college student, a volunteer on-campus for Warren and all views are her own. In other words, please don’t blame Elizabeth for my protest.

The fossil fuel billionaire that is mentioned is Craig Hall, the chairman of a fossil fuel investment company.

Buttigieg is slipping in the polls. He made it to the top of the polls in Iowa last month but now is in third place behind Biden and Sanders. In New Hampshire, he is in fourth place, behind Sanders, Biden, and Warren. The polls remain in flux, though it is notable that Biden rises and falls yet manages to rise to the top again, despite all of his baggage and flubs.

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