Woman says Biden sexually harassed her when she was 14

Law & Crime reports that a woman named Eva Murry is claiming Joe Biden sexually harassed her when she was 14-years-old, complimenting the size of her breasts back in 2008 at an annual dinner held in Delaware.

“I remember walking into the lobby and being in awe of all the people in such fancy clothes,” Murry said in an interview. “Our two parties of people gravitated towards each other and everyone started saying their hellos. When it was Biden and my aunt’s turn to say hello he quickly turned to me and asked how old I was. I replied with my age and he replied with the comment ‘Fourteen? You’re very well endowed for 14!’ I was confused but it was definitely weird, he looked me up and down and hovered his eyes on my chest so I had some clue [about] the notion of his comment but didn’t fully understand at the time. We quickly separated from his area after the encounter.”…

“I feel his comments were verbal sexual harassment,” Murry told Law&Crime. “I think I was too naive to realize exactly what it meant at the time but I vividly remember the uncomfortable feeling I had in the pit of my stomach during the whole encounter. It wasn’t Biden’s words alone that made me so uncomfortable, it was the look, the tone, the whole general vibe was off.”

It’s bad enough that Biden said this to a girl but the fact that he knew she was 14 before he said it is really creepy. Who says something like that to a teenage girl? Joe Biden would have been 65 at the time.

Murry told her sister and another friend about what happened almost immediately. She told four other friends about the incident a few years later. Law & Crime spoke to the sister and the other friends and all of them told the same story with the same details.

“She was telling me about the event and explained what happened,” Murry’s friend Victoria Anstey told Law&Crime. “I remember being so shocked. I didn’t know who Biden was or anything. Just [that] she said he was an ‘older man’ was enough for me to not like the situation.”…

Eva Murry’s older sister, Jenna Murry, also says she was told about the alleged incident “within a week or so of the dinner.”

“I remember my mom mentioning at some point soon after that that Eva had met Biden and he’d made a weird comment,” Murry told Law&Crime. “The next time I was home from TCNJ Eva told me about the comment in detail from her perspective, specifically that he looked her up and down and stared right at her chest and made her feel really uncomfortable. I remember being really pissed off on her behalf and thinking that she was probably more upset than she was letting on and trying to be light hearted by that point, but seemed shook. I told basically all my friends about it at the time.”

Another friend who heard the story in 2010 told L&C, “I remember she said that Biden was a pervy old man, and was like laughing but looking down when she told us.”

There is one random political element to this story. Murry is the niece of Christine O’Donnell. Yes, the “I’m not a witch” lady. That helps explain why 14-year-old Murry was at this private political event. Still, I guess someone will argue there’s a political motive behind it. As for why she came forward now, Murry says that she started seeing Biden’s name everywhere and some of her friends said they were planning to vote for him. That led her to tell various current friends about the incident. Eventually she just decided she should tell everyone.

There’s a creepy postscript to the story. Murry claims she encountered Biden perhaps three times after the initial incident. Speaking of those subsequent encounters she told L&C, “his eyes never were on my face.”

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