World War “C”

Greetings and welcome to the pre-Passover edition of Laura’s Links. It has been a busy week for me and for the Jewish people. On a macro level, there has been a lot of “resistance” activity in Israel, and I’ve included a little bit of information about it below. On the micro level, there’s been a great deal of washing and cleaning in my household as we get ready for the holiday. But the frenzy of activity in my small corner of the world pales in comparison to some of the bigger stories on the world stage.

Earlier this week, Chairman Xi and Vladimir Putin were ‘caught’ on hot mic talking about the changes that are coming to the world. We need to be listening very closely to what they are saying. Mark has talked a lot recently about the fact that there is really nothing underpinning the dollar’s dominance as the world’s currency, and clearly others have noticed that as well. Really, World War “C” is well underway. It started long before “Corona” but now all roads – policy, economic, military and otherwise – lead to China. World War Three is World War “C”.

My gracious host, the Great Prophet Steyn himself, has been getting almost up to full speed, and is keeping busy doing new and ever-engaging episodes of The Mark Steyn Show, regular radio appearances with Mr. Snerdley and even releasing a brand new book which you can pre-order right here. For those of you asking how to support Mark’s lawsuit against Ofcom, the best ways to do so are by purchasing a membership for yourself or others in The Mark Steyn Club, by purchasing gift certificates or merchandise from The Steyn Store. As Mark explained in his recent Q&A, there will be no crowdfunding via the companies that hate your guts and want you dead.

Wishing all of our Jewish readers a very Happy and Kosher Passover, and a blessed and Happy Easter to all our Christian readers. May spring and the holidays bring sunshine, renewal, growth, good health, success and all good things to one and all.

Take care, and I’ll see you in the comments as I’m able.


North America:

“The Taliban have released new pictures of some of the military equipment left behind in Afghanistan by the U.S. Army.” SOME.

Safe and effective.

What could possibly go wrong?

Pretty good stuff in here. Dr. Lewis met with EU Member of Parliament Christine Anderson while she was in Canada, and got thrown under the “Conservative” party bus for doing so.

American decline, as per Neil Oliver, is happening because there are people who want it to be happening.

Nothing to see here.


Walkbackening, Reckoning and Accounting:

Masks worked! SCIENCE!

The real story of Covid and what happened, 40 facts you need to know.

So sinister. I still have to wonder about the prime motivation. Money? Power? Control? Ego? All of the above?


Jews and Israel:

A ‘resistance’ coup just defeated Israeli democracy.


Jewish Wisdom:

Every one of us has the inner power to not only overcome spiritual darkness but to transform it into light.


The Formerly Great Britain:

Who is watching the watchmen?



The dinky metrosexual of France is a man of the people, just like you!

“Paris – the Beirut of Europe.


Middle East:

Just a “sex accident gone wrong”.



This seems to me worth discussing.



All cultures are equal, etc.


Assorted Kooks and Bepenised Women:

A transwoman and her testicles.

Something like this?


Human Grace:

“When my jam comes on at church.


“Hugo is the club’s inspiration.

When you find out you’re not alone.

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