Thomas Sowell on the Trouble With ‘Social Justice’ – WSJ


Social Justice means equality of outcomes.  Not possible unless you deny individuals the right to benefit from their own individual capacities and willingness to work. – Editor DSMW

In his 1987 classic, “A Conflict of Visions,” Mr. Sowell attempted to explain what drives our centuries-old ideological disputes about freedom, justice, equality and power. The contrasting “visions” in the title referred to the implicit assumptions that guide a person’s thinking. On one side you have the “constrained” vision, which sees humanity as hopelessly flawed. This view is encapsulated in Edmund Burke’s declaration that “we cannot change the nature of things and of men—but must act upon them as best we can” and in Immanuel Kant’s assertion that “from the crooked timber of humanity no truly straight thing can ever be made.”

Source: Thomas Sowell on the Trouble With ‘Social Justice’ – WSJ

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